Prenatal Classes

You cannot orchestrate birth, but you can educate yourselves and learn how to increase your chances of a positive and healthy birth experience.

I believe that knowledge is empowering and that providing knowledge and training to birthing families goes a long way to having a more positive and rewarding labor, birth, and postpartum experience.

My class is fun, informative, evidence based, and interactive, with activities, demonstrations, videos, and discussion. I base it on the Lamaze 6 Healthy Birth Practices. You will have your own workbook filled with the lessons and handouts for you to take home to refer to as you need it.

You will learn: benefits, risks, and alternatives to medications, what some of the equipment used during labor and birth looks and feels like, about dilation and effacement, how the muscles of the uterus work and how to work with them, how baby passes through Mom’s pelvis, how Mom’s hormones work during labor and birth, what a good latch looks like for breastfeeding, aftercare, communication with staff, etc.


One day private class in the comfort of your own home.                               Investment: $300.00

Set up a class with a minimum of 4 other clients for $250 each ($1000) and your class is free! This would be a 2 day class.

All prenatal classes include content about labor, birth and the postpartum period – birth to 3 months after baby has arrived.

Topics include late pregnancy, positioning for labor and birth, relaxation and massage techniques to ease discomfort, labor support, communication skills, and information about common medical procedures, breastfeeding and home-coming.

I was having a hard time finding any private prenatal classes in the Central Alberta area (due to my husband’s schedule, private classes were the only option) Lennie replied right away! She came to our house and was SO helpful. She had plenty of exercises and tools to aid in learning. Very knowledgeable and could answer any of our tough questions. She felt like a friend. I HIGHLY recommend Lennie’s services to my dearest friends. 

Katie Murray Johnson